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TOEFL assisting with Financial Aid

Education abroad is certainly not cheap for most of the Indian students. With decreasing assistantships from universities for Indian students, any help that comes in form of scholarships and monetary awards from anywhere is always taken up with gusto by Indian students.

Sensing this situation as an opportunity, ETS has started offering scholarships for meritorious students that would help to alleviate the load of financing the graduate education. The qualifying student has to take TOEFL, write an essay and has to present his/her case to ETS in form of academic credentials.

A scholarship essay is usually a detailed presentation of why the candidate deserves and needs the financial assistance. The essence of making it through is the effective presentation of the profile. While academic honors are important to build up the case, the need also has to be highlighted aptly. Any meritorious candidate who does not have sufficient funds for funding the tuition fee can be a deserving one, but what eventually matters is whether the candidate holds the potential to be a winner in the long run. We, at General Education believe that to be a winner, first thing that you need is to look like a winner€.

Application Requirements

To officially apply for a TOEFL scholarship, you must submit the following documents postmarked by the April 13, 2012 deadline:

  • a completed application, including TOEFL scores and a completed essay
  • an official transcript in a sealed envelope
  • personal interview (for finalists only)

General Education can help your candidacy

General Education consultants have been helping B-School applicants avail scholarships by presenting their case effectively to the admissions committees of Ivy-League B-schools. Feel free to reach out to us through the lead form on the right hand side of this page and see how we can build a strong case for making it through all the rounds for scholarship evaluation.

TOEFL India Scholarship TOEFL India Scholarship
Winners of TOEFL scholarships 2011 (L) and 2010 (R)

Here€™s what TOEFL demands from StudentsGeneral Education€™s take
  • An outstanding ability to communicate in English
  • demonstrated leadership skills
  • well-roundedness in extracurricular activities, including community service
  • innovative ideas as reflected in essays (and interviews, when applicable)
  • Speak to our consultants, we have a success rate of 67%
  • Matter of presentation (based on real-life examples)
  • Matter of presentation (based on real life examples and achievements)
  • Based on profile and effective presentation

TOEFL India Scholarship

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