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Enroll before 26th July 2018 for Online GMAT Preparation Service and get 5% discount on the total fees

We understand that majority of GMAT takers are working professionals like you and are pressed for time due to their busy schedules and travelling assignments. This makes them difficult to go and regularly attend classes in a brick and mortar set up. If you are one of these potential GMAT test takers with time crunch and travel constraint, then you are at the right place. General Education offers GMAT preparation online. Our online study module is designed to help you achieve your goal of achieving a high GMAT score and an eventual admit into a prestigious global B-School.

General Education provides you

  • Online live classes over weekends- You can attend classes right from your home or from any place in the world.
  • Access to video recorded classes and study material – It won’t be difficult for you to achieve a high GMAT score even if you miss a class.
  • Personalized attention - Only 3-5 students per class
  • Best-in-class and well researched study material- 30+ hours of classroom learning, over 1000 solved sample GMAT questions of varying difficulty, multiple full length tests and doubt solving sessions.
  • Access to online classes and study material for full one year.

You can choose the date and timings to register for free Online GMAT preview class from the table below


Course details

If you take GMAT preparation online from General Education, you can opt for the following courses:

  • Full course
  • Only quantitative course
  • Only verbal course

The services details are summarized below.


No. of classes


Full Course

  • 30 hours study module
    • 34 hours of theory classes
    • Free 2 hours video guide on AWA section
    • 2 Free sessions of 2 hr each on tackling IR section
  • 200+ topic wise practice problems
  • 500+ GMAT like solved questions
  • 6 full length Mock tests
  • Multiple doubt solving sessions
  • 30 min strategy capsule section 1-2 weeks before your GMAT exam
  • Free evaluation of 3 AWA essays

30 hours

15 Classes (8 Verbal + 6 Quant + 1 IR & AWA)

25,000 + 18% GST

Verbal + AWA & IR

  • 18+ hrs of theory classes
  • 130+ topic wise practice problems
  • 300+ GMAT like solved questions
  • 6 full length Mock tests
  • Multiple doubt solving sessions
  • Free evaluation of 3 AWA essays
  • Free 2 hrs video guide on AWA section
  • Free session on tackling IR section

18 hours

9 Classes (8 Verbal + 1 AWA & IR)

15,000 + 18% GST

Quant + AWA & IR

  • 16+ hrs of theory classes
  • 120+ topic wise practice problems
  • 200+ GMAT like solved questions
  • 6 full length Mock tests
  • Multiple doubt solving sessions

12 hours

6 Classes (6 Quant)

13,000 + 18% GST

Single Session Q/V(1 class)

  • The candidate can go for a single class if they feel that they need more practice in a particular area.
  • The candidate will be provided with the study material of the class for which they are availing the services.
  • Duration of the class will be similar to that of a regular class.
  • A charge for a single session is 2,500 + 18% GST.

GMAT preparation online syllabus and lesson breakup

Verbal, AWA & IR (8+1 classes)

  • Verbal - 1(Introduction and Sentence Correction Strategies)
  • Verbal - 2(Sentence Correction - Examples and practice)
  • Verbal - 3(Sentence Correction - Examples and practice)
  • Verbal - 4(Critical Reasoning - Strategies)
  • Verbal - 5(Critical Reasoning - Examples, practice and advanced strategies)
  • Verbal - 6(Reading Comprehension - strategies)
  • Verbal - 7(Reading Comprehension - examples and practice)
  • Verbal - 8(Verbal Overview and Doubt Clearance)
  • Verbal - 9(AWA & Integrated Reasoning)

Quantitative Syllabus(6 classes)

  • Quant - 1(i) (Arithmetic (Number Theory (types of numbers), Decimals, Fractions, percentages, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Ratio Proportion, divisibility, square roots, squares and cubes, BODMAS))
  • Quant - 2(Algebra (Basic formulae for factorization, Quadratic Equations, Linear Equations, word problems, Exponents & roots, Inequalities), Any other basic concepts)
  • Quant - 3(i) (Geometry (Basic Concepts, Angles, Triangles, Different Area & Volume formulae, Quadrilaterals, polygons, Circles, 3D figures, Similarity, coordinate geometry & Trigonometry))
  • Quant - 4(Permutations and combinations, Probability)
  • Quant - 5(Data Sufficiency 1)
  • Quant - 6(Quant overview and Doubt Clearance)

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