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What is GMAT?
Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is a standardized computer adaptive test whose score is used for admissions in more than 5000 Business and management programs all over the world.

Test consists of 4 sections- verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Integrated Reasoning

Test Section

Number of questions

Type of question

Time alloted



Sentence correction
Critical reasoning
Reading comprehension

75 minutes



Problem solving
Data sufficiency

75 minutes

Integrated reasoning


Multi source reasoning
Graphics interpretation
Two-part analysis
Table analysis

30 minutes

Analytical writing assessment

1 topic

Analysis of an argument

30 minutes

GMAT is a computer adaptive Test. What does it mean?

  • GMAT test starts with a question of medium difficulty and based on your answer or response it determines which question to present next. Right answer generally leads to a question of higher difficulty, but also a chance of earning higher score.
  • It helps in determining a correct assessment of test taker’s ability on the subject
  • Only one question appears on the screen at a time.

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Myths about the GMAT

Myth:I need great math skills to ace GMAT
Fact: Very basic skills are required on topics like algebra, geometry and basic arithmetic. What is more important is your logic and analysis skills. One more thing, calculator is neither allowed nor required in a GMAT test.

Myth: If I score less than 680, I don’t stand a chance to get into a good B-School
Fact: Your B-School application is a basket of your GMAT Score, past academics,work experience, approach to MBA application essay, resume and references. So, while you should aim at the best possible score, even an average score with great profile qualifies for MBA admit.

Myth: Easy question means last question answered was wrong
Fact: While it is true that the difficulty level increases with every correct answer, easy question on the screen may not always mean you have answered the question wrong. GMAT is a standardized test where the test maker will need to cover all types of questions. So, if all harder questions in a pool are already answered, you may get a relatively easy one even on answering last one correct. Also, it is a waste of time in such a time crunch situation to think about a question that you have already answered. You should focus on a single question at a time and then move ahead.

Myth: First 10 questions are most important in GMAT

Fact: You should divide time proportionately and not much on the first few questions. The computer adaptive test contains some sample GMAT questions also which doesn’t get count in your score. You will never know if these sample questions are in beginning or somewhere else. What is important in GMAT is not to make consecutive mistakes. Spaced out mistakes cost less in GMAT then same number of consecutive ones.

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