Application Consultants

Application Consultants

We are looking for motivated individuals, who have flair for counseling, are willing to learn and have prior experience of working in close quarters with MBA applicants in their B-School application pursuits. Our application consultants work from home and boast of flexible working hours. At the same time, consultants are expected to have a high sense of responsibility and are entirely committed to meet aggressive deadlines.

Required Skills/Attributes

  • Thorough knowledge of international B-School application elements
    and procedure
  • Impeccable command of written and spoken English
  • Creative writing skills
  • Skilled in using Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Preferably an MBA from an international B-school
  • Candidate holding a valid GMAT score will be preferred
  • 24 hour access to Internet


Commensurate to the number of applications worked upon, and function of the customer feedback in the long run affects the overall payment.

Please send in your CV to if you think you have the right credentials.
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