Arizona State University Carey School of Business

Arizona State University Carey School of Business
Average GMAT Score672GMAT Range650-710
Total Applicants

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Acceptance Rate

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Class Size86Average Work Experience56 Months
Applicant DeadlinesR1:03-Oct-2017
Decision DatesR1:08-Dec-2017
Length of Program21 MonthsPlacement Information

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Arizona state university Carey school of business ranked top 30 by U.S News and 77 by Financial times. Great school for finance and it is the largest schools in United State with more than 1,500 graduate students and more than 8,300 undergraduates. W.P Carey MBA Application essays are as below:

Essay 1:

a) Up to this point, how has your career helped you create your brand? (250 words or less)
b) How do you plan to leverage your MBA to pursue your short- and long-term career goals? (250 words or less)
c) Should your career path need to shift from its intended course, how will you leverage the skills acquired during your degree program to ensure success on your new path? (250 words or less)

Essay 2:

If you had to create a short video/slideshow highlighting your most memorable moments to date, what 5 moments would you choose? What song would you use as your theme song and why? (250 words or less)

Essay 3: (Optional)

Please provide any additional information you would like to bring to the attention of the admissions committee (e.g., mitigating circumstances, special considerations). (250 words or less)

Essay Questions
All W. P. Carey MBA applicants are required to complete essay questions. Please answer each question as thoroughly and honestly as possible.
Some students pursue an MBA to make a career change; others pursue an MBA to accelerate their current career path. (500 words or less)
a) If your goal is to change careers, describe your plan to achieve your goals before, during and after your MBA.
b) If you intend to follow your current career path, describe how the MBA will add value to achieve your goals.
2) There are many important factors to consider as you choose an MBA program. What matters most to you for your MBA experience and why? How will the W. P. Carey MBA provide you that experience? (500 words or less)
3) If you had five tweets to describe the most significant moments in your life, what would you tweet? (140 characters for each tweet)
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