Career Counseling for MBAs

People who are undergoing an MBA program or have completed their MBA and are looking for a job change or change in career, e.g. change in industry or function.
Our MBA admission consultants who are B-School graduates offer the following services:

  • Our consultants conduct career counseling for MBA students who are about to participate in the placement sessions of the global B-Schools
  • Our MBA counseling experts guide b-school applicants how to undertake their studies, what specialization(s) to select, which electives to choose in alignment with their short-term and long-term goals
  • We offer our counseling service to employees who are facing the dilemma regarding whether to change the company, function, industry and job profiles. We also provide counseling services to people who want to seek guidance in terms of intermediate term career planning.
  • Our MBA admission consultants also help employees who face crisis situation and require consulting to deal with peculiar organizational problems.

Charged on an hourly basis. The charges depend upon:

  • The number of sessions
  • The length of sessions
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