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I applied to ISB this year during the cycle-1. I have been accepted and will be joining in April!
Big thanks to General Education team for the invaluable reviews & inputs last year, which helped me a lot in my ISB application this year as well!



My experience working with General Education for Schulich application was very good. General Education team was very prompt and guided me well.
They were also very punctual in providing feedback on my application.



Finally my application submission exercise comes to an end.

I am happy that finally I completed my NUS application and submitted it just 10mins back. :)

But that is not why I wanted to write to you. With time as I was struggling through my application process, I realized how important it is to take MBA counseling and to have a strong personal style in spite of having the right substance for the essays / interview questions.

My application would have got completed anyways whether I would have worked or somebody else would have helped me.

But I really want to thank General Education for acquainting me with such an effective and simple style of writing.

Though I will need time to apply such a simple and effective style of writing quality essays cutting out the gyan and jargon from the write-ups, this style is probably one of the biggest and definitely the rarest take away from my entire application process.

Not to forget, MBA counseling and the entire first hand guidance about why Singapore happens to be a good place for studies and subsequent career.

Thanks once again General Education team for making the entire application process so smooth flowing, unique and worth appreciating

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