Hourly Consulting


For candidates who have particular areas of weakness or some specific part of the application that may need additional attention, or for the applicants who need rush jobs in last minute applications hourly consulting is the perfect option.

In this service our consultants, graduated from top Ivey League b-schools provide the consultation for 1 hour or 2 hours on any of the services mentioned below. This allows you an opportunity to partner with our consultants to work up on whatever aspect of your application you wish to choose.

1.Initial Strategic Planning and Profile Assessment- In this service you will get to discuss with the consultant about your profile and ways to improve your profile. This is aimed at improving your chances of getting an admit from a top business school or to discuss any specific query for a particular b school.

2.Essay Evaluation – In this service you will get to have your essays reviewed from a consultant. (If consultant and applicant agrees to the fact that it is a two hour service)

3.Resume editing- In this service our consultant will review your resume and provide you feedback helping you bring out the best on it.

4.Mock Interview- In this service our consultant provide you interview tips and conduct mock interview. This gives you a near real time experience of your actual B school interview (1 hour duration mock interview and 1 hour feedback for 2 hours consulting and 30 mins duration mock interview followed by 30 mins feedback for 1 hour consulting)

5.Ding Analysis- If you have got dinged from a b school and want to know why and also to improve upon that, then this service is appropriately designed for you. Our consultants help you understand what lacked in your application, providing you feedback and tips so that you can improve our profile and your chances of making it in the next attempt.

6.Recommendation Review- In this service our consultant review your recommendations provided by your colleagues, supervisor or any other recommender.

7.Waitlist communication- In this service our consultant guide you what you can improve your profile if you are waitlisted for a b school.


INR 4,400 plus 18% GST for 1 Hour Consulting Service.

INR 7,700 plus 18% GST for 2 Hours Consulting Service.

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