Summer Program for IESE

IESE offers MBA Summer school program.

The IESESummer Entrepreneurship Experienceenables students to test out the entrepreneurial career path.It is a forum for students to productively use their summer to further develop their entrepreneurial projects.

This program is forstudents who are already committed to be entrepreneurs, who have a specific idea of the opportunity and want to work on it during the summer and for the oneswho want to be entrepreneurs after the MBA but do not have concrete opportunities to pursue.

The intensive part of the program experience is from the second half of June until the end of July on campus. In August, the students will continue to work off-campus and will report on their project's economic feasibility in the first half of September.

When to apply?

Students will apply for this program during their 3rd semester of the 1st year and the Faculty Members from the Entrepreneurship department will evaluate all applications and make the final selection of the participants.

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Artifacts required

MBA Summer School Program

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  • Completed Online Application Form and
  • Resume/CV
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