IIM Bangalore

EPGP Class of 2015-16EPGP Class of 2016-17


1 Year

1 Year

Minimum number of work experience required

7-15 Years

6 Years

Opening Online Applications

10th July 2011

R1:1st June 2016 to 31st Aug 2016

R2:1st Sep 2016 to 5th Dec 2016

Closing dates for Applications

05th Dec 2015

05th Dec 2016

Average GMAT Score



No of Seats

70 students

Program: Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) (2016-17)

Eligibility criteria for EPGP:

The program is intended for middle level executives having substantial work experience. The pre-requisites are:

  • Graduate in any discipline with minimum 50% marks or equivalent CGPA
  • 4-12 years of full time work experience after graduation
  • A valid GMAT/GRE Score

Selection Process (2016-17):

Selection of the candidate is based on the following criteria

  • Academic Background
  • Work Experience
  • GMAT/GRE score
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Two Reference letter
  • Written Ability Test and interview

The admission process is highly personalized as the committee seeks to learn about each candidate€™s goals and potential for success in management.

IIM- Bangalore recently asked Essay Topics:

  • As a society, we must adopt e-books over print books.
  • Fears of global warming are exaggerated and are hindering progress.
  • The young today, get so much too easily and in a short period of time and that is detrimental to their future
  • Social networks like face book are addictive and detrimental to society
  • Indian curriculum has less emphasis on sports/fitness
  • Individuals are bound by social and political norms and cannot be truly free ,even in a democracy
  • Strong opposition party is required for a good governance
  • Hunger Strikes for a cause are now becoming a source of blackmail & coercion
  • Depiction of violence in media causes increased societal tolerance for violence
  • As a society, we must adopt e-books over print books
  • The internet is an elite organization in a country where few people know how to make a phone call.
  • The 4-0 whitewash in England and Australia show that world cup win was a fluke
  • India should not participate in London Olympics till Dow Chemicals is its sponsor
  • Mandatory employment quota for women and underprivileged groups is doing more to the society
    than good
  • Right to live and death is one's personal matter and society should not interfere with it.

IIMB€™s previously asked essay topics:-

  • India should develop fighter jets on it's own and not buy them from abroad
  • Giving Barrack Obama the Nobel peace prize would reduce its value
  • Great men think alike but group think results in poor decisions
  • Women reservation is a great step forward
  • Allowing Foreign Universities in India is bad for the country
  • The economic development is not helping the ones who need it the most
  • Food Inflation is the result of Indian Government's mismanagement and apathy
  • Should there be a minimum educational qualification for being a M.P
  • Businesses should concentrate on making profits and not address social and environmental Issues
  • India's failed population control program is a blessing in disguise
  • Media has become a tool of propaganda for the rich and the powerful
  • India should follow the Chinese example of rapid imitation rather than focussing on fundamental innovations
  • CBSE Class X Exams should be banned
  • India will become a superpower in near future
  • To ensure better quality of urban life, India should restrict the migration of people from rural to urban
  • one year social service course should be compulsory in IIMs
  • The recent financial crisis highlights the perils of Capitalism
  • Hosting Commonwealth Games, WC Hockey is waste of money
  • Breaking down larger Indian states into smaller will lead to better governance and development
  • Voting should be made compulsory
  • Education and medicine are no longer noble professions, they have become commercial
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