IIM Kozhikode

Criteria for final selection of candidates for admission to PGP 2012-14 batch

Index score obtained in stage 2 of short listing for GD/PI - 50%
Group discussion and social skills - 15%
Personal interview - 25%
Writing task (Essay) - 10%

The candidates were asked to write an extempore essay on a topic of general interest. Topic was announced at the venue just before the writing task. Fifteen minutes was the time assigned.

IIM K previous GD Topics

  • An eye for eye will make the whole world blind
  • Men are born ignorant; not stupid, but education is making him stupid.
  • Freedom of opinion can only exist when the government itself feels secure
  • History is always the story of the victor and not the vanquished
  • Opinion formation is encouraged only when government is secure about its existence
  • Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric
  • Fools and Fanatics are always so sure of themselves, but wiser men are always full of doubts
  • World is run by conspiracy. People run by lofty ideas
  • Sanity it the process of defining real from unreal. We need a new definition now.
  • If there is not one thing you can die for, you are not worth living
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