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The MBA personal interview of IMD is a full day affair divided into 5 parts. The interview mainly focuses on your ability to work in group, understanding of problem presented, desire to make difference, your goals and presentation skill. For MBA Interview preparation and IMD interview tips please go through the belwo points.

There will be a group of 4 or 8 candidates. The day will start with introductions with the adcom staff who gives an outline of the day. Then starts the interview process. Below are the IMD interview tips.

For IMD MBA interview preparation below are the following steps:

1. A topic and transparencies are given for Impromptu Presentation to prepare for the 5 min presentation. The preparation time given is 30 minutes.

2.MBAPersonal Interview -The MBA personal interview is for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The adcom really tries to know you as a person and your accomplishments, your strengths & weaknesses, about your work, your goals etc. It is a probing type of interview but not at all a stressful interview.

3. Impromptu Presentation- After personal interviews all the candidates have to present their presentation on the topic given. Everyone has the same topic and the 5 minute duration is strictly maintained.
Then the candidates are given a follow-up case on the same topic where they have to work all together on a new 5 minutes presentation.

4. Lunch - At lunch, one Alumnus from the same nationality and same profile accompany each of the candidates so that they can discuss about their experiences.

5. Case Study - The case study is was sent to all of the candidates 2 weeks before the interview day. Again, it is a nice discussion, a chance for them to see how well you can work in groups.

It is moderated by one of the adcoms/professors, who basically guides the flow of the discussion and makes sure none of the candidate really dominated the discussions. Then all the candidates are broken up into smaller groups to discuss different aspects of the case before presenting them to each other to sum up the case.

6. MBA Class Observation- At the end of the interview process, the candidates get to observe the IMD MBA class being delivered by their world renowned professors.

The final results are given within 2 weeks of MBA personal interview.


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1 Feb or 1 April

Singapore - 25th May 2012

Hong kong - 27th May 2012

Middle East

1 June

Beirut - 25th August 2012

Latin America

1 August

Sao Paulo - 8th September 2012

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