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University of Western Ontario - Ivey
Average GMAT Score670GMAT Range590-750
Total Applicants

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Class Size144Average Work Experience57 Months
Applicant DeadlinesR1:09-Apr-2018
Decision DatesR1:22-May-2018
Length of Program12 MonthsPlacement Information

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University of Western Ontario - Ivey MBA Essays

Essay 1:

What are your short-term career plans immediately post-MBA, and why is an Ivey MBA essential to those plans? (250 words)

Candidates need to address two interdependent questions in this essay – short term goals and why Ivey MBA, and importantly connect the two pieces together. For the first part, candidates need to be as specific as possible indicating what role, function and industry they aspire to be in the next 2.5 years. Mentioning two to three target company’s name will showcase the applicant’s focus. This could be linked in conjunction to the candidate’s previous work experience (if it is an extension). The motivation and rationale behind the choice should be illustrated.

In response to the second question, applicant’s need to focus more on providing reasons specific to Ivey and less (not nil) on generic responses for why MBA which includes access to network and broadening your business knowledge. Candidates are recommended to browse the Ivey website, read their MBA brochure and employment reports to understand Ivey’s strengths and how it will help you to achieve your short term goals. Be mindful of the word limit for both the essays.

Essay 2:

Why will your Ivey MBA classmates want to work with you on team projects? (250 words)

The Ivey MBA curriculum follows a case methodology pedagogy and involves a substantial amount of team work for every course. In order to succeed in this environment, it is essential that candidates show their capability to thrive in a group setting. Focus not only on your hard skills based on your previous experience but also on your soft skills. You need to demonstrate the ability to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal. Eclectic teams generally tend to perform better because of the diverse perspectives brought by the team members. This essay is also a good opportunity to highlight what differentiates you from the rest and how you can add value to the team.

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