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Kelley Interview Experience - II

Kelley School of Businessinvites all the candidates for campus visit. MBA personal interview at Kelleyis an opportunity to get to know about candidates, theircareer goalsand experiences.

KSB do not offer Alumni interviews. In fact, all the MBA personal interview at Kelley are conducted by Admission officers and Admission counselors.

  • I received my MBA personal interview invitation within 1 week after submitting my application. I had on-campus interview withKelley Adcommember and explained me that it would be fairly conversational
  • What was your greatest achievement during your childhood until the beginning of University?
  • Can you tell me about one favorable event from your childhood?
  • Have you spoken to any Alumni? Have you visited the campus?
  • What other schools you have applied to?
  • Give me an example where things did not work as planned and what did you do after that?
  • Is there anything else you would like the Adcom to know about you?

So, my overall Kelley interview experience was really very good. And for b school MBA interview preparation you may refer above interview questions.

Interview Tips:

Just be authentic. Try to have conversation rather than an interview. You should know why you want to go to Kelley and how you can contribute to the community.

  • I had video conference interview on Thursday 19th January. The lady was very warm, friendly and made me feel comfortable during the BA personal interview. Other than usually asked questions likewhy MBA, why now,why Kelleyetc, there were few other interesting questions asked:
  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Tell me about your parents. What they do and where do they live?
  • Tell me something about your school life.
  • How would your friends describe you?
  • When was the last time you met your college friends?
  • Why did you plan to do your Masters degree in Engineering?

Some useful points: Relax during the MBA personal interview. The committee member is trying to know more about you. Read your essays beforehand. Try to explore yourself and your experiences.

Kelley Interview Experience - I

Kelly School of Business is one of the top global B School in Management. Here is a snippet of an actual Kelley interview experience of a candidate who has applied through General Education.

Some specific questions related to the candidates profile were asked during the Kelley MBA Admission interview and his brief profile is illustrated in the grid below

Work Experience- 2 years and 8 months

Industry- IT Consulting

GMAT Score- 710

Latest Company Working for- Infosys

Kelley MBA personal interview was taken by members of the admission committee. Interview duration was about 30-35 minutes, with normal questions being asked regarding goals, stress situations work experience and academics. So, for MBA interview preparation I would suggest to go through the below MBA personal interview questions.

Kelley MBA Interview Questions

Questions asked during the MBA personal interview were as follows:

  • Why MBA?
  • Why Now?
  • Why Kelley?
  • Strengths?
  • Weakness?
  • What are characteristics of great leaders?
  • What are your current job frustrations?
  • What can you bring to the Kelley community?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Any experience where you shown your creativity.
  • Team failure experience.
  • Feedback experience

For MBA interview preparation of other b school as well you may refer above interview Kelley interview experience and questions.

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