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LBS interview brief

Normally, all interviews at LBS are conducted by alumni. LBS lays a lot of importance in selecting candidates with international exposure and know how this MBA would be enhancing their skills set. The interviewer wants to understand your choice of making a decision and how likely you will be able to cope up with LBS. Although you need to be prepared for an LBS interview, but at the same time relax, know your goals and objectives clearly and the most important "Why MBA?" and how will it change you for good.

Below are a couple of LBS interview tips which would help you in your MBA interview preparation.

LBS interview tips and focus areas

LBS interviews require you to prepare the following areas thoroughly:

  • Knowledge about LBS- communities, courses, events, study groups, projects
  • Know Yourself- clearly defined professional goals and objectives
  • Make sure you memorize your essays thoroughly and should be able to explain everything written in essays lucidly. You will be surely asked one or two questions on your essays. So, for LBS MBA interview preparation go through the below LBS interview tips
  • Have knowledge of your work and industry, competitors in industry, latest global/business news
  • Cross cultural connection, international exposure is on top priority at LBS. The interviewer would like to know how your cultural experience and international work and travel has made a difference and what else you would like to do .You should be prepared to focus on past experience along with your readiness to learn about different geographies gaining new business insights and developing sensitivity towards various cultures.
  • Team work is always important at LBS. So please strategize your answers focusing them on team management, experience, challenges and your contributions to the team and groups at LBS.
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