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Eligibility Criteria:

Who is this course designed for?

The programme is aimed at students with a strong analytical background who wish to combine economics at masters level with analytical courses in the management area. For most British students, you should have concentrated exclusively in your first degree on economics and quantitative subjects (not business studies), with standard courses in intermediate macroeconomics and microeconomics, and a number of advanced courses that use these as prerequisites. You should have a solid quantitative background with at least a year of calculus and statistics and should, for instance, know how to handle maximisation of a function of several variables subject to constraint, and be able to explain what is meant by an efficient estimator.

What career options are open to someone with this degree?

The course has been designed with potential employers in mind. Students can reasonably aspire to find good employment opportunities in business, consultancy and finance.

Admissions requirements

  • 1st class bachelors degree or equivalent in Economics
  • Graduates of non-UK institutions are required to submit a GRE or GMAT score. GRE is preferred. Please see the class profiles page for an indication of the scores expected.
  • English requirement: Higher

When to apply/deadlines

Applications open on 10 October 2016 and you must apply early. Departments will consider these applications from November 2016 and the first decisions will be released from January 2017 onwards. There is intense competition for admission; early applications have a greater chance of being successful and of meeting financial support/scholarship and visa deadlines.

Only a few programmes have deadlines by which you should apply – decisions are mostly considered on a rolling basis and programmes close once all places are filled. Many scholarships, however, especially for research programmes, have early deadlines. See individual programme entries and thefinancial support sectionfor details of particular deadlines.

You should expect to wait an average of 8 weeks for a decision when applying for a taught programme, decisions for a research programme may take longer than this.

Research funding deadlines

Please note: to be considered for LSE research scholarships or Research Council Studentships (for 1+3 or +3 funding), you must submit your complete application, includingALL supporting documents, by:

  • 14 December 2016 - Department of Economics only
  • 09 January 2017 (first funding panel deadline)
  • 26 April 2017 (second panel deadline)

Applications received or completed afterthe deadlinewill not be considered for LSEresearch scholarships. We will always do our best to make sure that applications received just after the deadline reach the departments in time to be considered, but it is much better to plan ahead and submit early.

Please be aware that some departments only make submissions to the earlier funding panels, and earlier applications have more chance of being considered for funding - check individual programme pages for details.

Some programmes will continue to accept applications for places after these deadlines, however it may not be possible to consider you for LSE funding.

Start dates

Our main taught master's (MSc/MA/MPA/LLM) programmes start in the autumn term (September 2017). Some programmes, particularly those in the Departments of Economics, Accounting, Finance and Management, require attendance at Summer School or introductory courses in the July-September months before the main programme begins.

Executive master’s programmes start at different times of the year depending on their mode of teaching. Please see individual programme pages for details.

Research (MPhil/PhD) programmes usually start in September, but may additionally start in the Lent (January) and summer (April) terms at the discretion of your department.

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