Master of Science in Financial Economics


The Master of Science in Financial Economics requires four semesters of full-time study (fall and spring) at Columbia Business School.
Students complete a minimum of 16 full graduate-level courses including a research seminar, in which they conduct a research project on an industry-focused research question. Students are also required to complete a summer internship for at least six weeks, which involves working as an intern in a company or doing research assistance work for a faculty member. The internship will preferably be tied closely to a student's research seminar project.

Transfer Credit Policy

Columbia Business School does not accept transfer credits toward the MS degree.

Eligibility Criteria:

Prior to commencing the program, all admitted students would be required to complete the following courses at an advanced undergraduate level:
Calculus 1, 2 and 3
Linear Algebra

Given the Program's mathematical intensity, all admitted MS students must successfully complete the Math Camp refresher course offered jointly by the Economics Department and the Business School PhD Program. This class begins in late summer prior to the first semester's classes.

Required courses:

  • Ph.D. level courses:
  • B8207 Microeconomic Analysis I
  • B8208 Microeconomic Analysis II
  • B9302 Finance Theory I
  • B9311-020 Introduction to Econometrics
  • B9311-021 Financial Econometrics II
  • B9207 Aggregate Behavior and Asset Pricing
  • B9311-015 Empirical Asset Pricing I
  • B9311-012 Corporate Finance Theory
  • B9311-011 Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance

MBA Level courses:

  • B6302 Capital Markets & Investments (MBA)


  • English Language Course (for some students)
  • Thesis seminar

Elective courses:

  • Ph.D. level courses:
  • B9311-016 Empirical Asset Pricing II
  • B9311-008 Models & Methods of Continuous Time Finance
  • B9311-013 International Finance

MBA Level courses:

  • B8311 Options Markets
  • B8399 Behavioral Finance
  • B8312 Advanced Derivatives
  • B8399 International Financial Management
  • B8399-017 Fixed Income Derivatives
  • B8835 Security pricing: Models and Computation

Class Profile & Deadlines:

The application deadlines for the Master of Science in Financial Economics are:

  • Regular Decision: Jan 5, 2017

2016Entering Class

Applications Received: 669

Applications Admitted: 29

Acceptance Rate: 4%

Class Size: 9

Average Age: 25

Male to Female Ratio: 11:1

Average GMAT Quantitative %: 75%

Average GMAT Verbal %: 93%

Average GMAT Total: 730

Average GRE Quantitative %: 95%

Average GRE Verbal %: 75%

Average TOEFL Total: 110

Average GPA: N/A

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