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About the Program:

The Master of Science in Marketing trains marketing researchers to work in industry, consulting firms, nonprofits, government, and other organizations where marketing analysis adds value. This degree is targeted to students who wish to pursue a more analytical course of study than that offered by Columbia Business School's MBA program. Candidates have academic preparation equivalent to that of entering PhD students, but wish to pursue a shorter course of study in order to better prepare for their careers.

In a competitive job market, the technical skills and expertise gained through the coursework component of a PhD program become increasingly valuable. A Master of Science in Marketing provides academically distinguished students the opportunity to develop many of these skills in an intensive one-year program.

The Master of Science in Marketing requires three semesters of full-time study (normally fall, spring, and summer) at Columbia Business School.

College seniors are welcome to apply, as are those with professional experience. Prior to commencing the program, all admitted students are required to have completed three courses at the undergraduate level:

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Microeconomics
  • Marketing Management

In addition, it is highly recommended that students develop some knowledge and experience working with SQL, a database programming language, and any one of the statistical packages such as SPSS, SAS, Stata, and Matlab prior to joining the MS program.

Class Profile:

MBA Student Profile — Class Entering 2016 (January and August)

Applications Received: 6008
Admitted: 1025
Enrolled: 776, divided into 11 clusters
January Entry Class Size: 218, divided into 3 clusters
August Entry Class Size: 558, divided into 8 clusters
GMAT Scores (average): 717
GMAT Scores (range): 550–780
GMAT Scores (middle 80%): 680–760
Undergraduate GPA (average): 3.5
Undergraduate GPA (middle 80%): 3.1–3.9
Work Experience (average): 5 years
Work Experience (middle 80%): 3–8 years
At Least One Year of Work Experience: 99%
Average Age: 28
Age Range (middle 80%): 25–31
Women: 38%
Minority of US Origin: 31%

International Citizens: 48%

Application Deadlines:
Applications will be online from 1st August 2013

August 01, 2016

Early Decision Applications

January-05, 2017

Regular Decision Applications

Admissions Requirements

Applicants are required to complete an application including:

  • An application form,
  • A two-part essay,
  • A résumé or CV,
  • Self-reported transcripts from all post-secondary courses of study,
  • Two letters of recommendation,
  • Self-reported test scores,
  • An application fee (Non-Refundable)

Essay Instructions

In 500–1000 words please describe your reasons for pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing and your short-term and/or long-term career goals. In particular, discuss how you envision the MS degree will help you attain these goals. In addition, indicate which elective courses you plan to take during the program. As the MS program aims at building analytical skills for solving marketing problems, it is important that MS students take electives from within and outside the Business School. We encourage applicants to consider Ph.D. courses as well as university classes offered by Economics, Engineering, Journalism, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Teachers College, etc. Thedegree requirementssection provides a listing of suggested electives. Clickhereto see the complete listings of courses offered by the business school.

Resume or CV Instructions

Applicants to the Master of Science in Marketing program must submit a resume or CV that includes an applicant’s academic background and credentials, relevant experience since graduating from high school, including summer employment and paid or volunteer positions held on campus, as well as other business or academic experiences.

Resumes are to be uploaded via the online application system.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation, preferably from professors or manangers who know your work well, are required. These letters can be submitted via the online application system. We allow a maximum of five letters of recommendation.

Transcripts and Test Scores

Scanned copies of transcripts and test scores should submitted through the online application system. We ask that you self report your transcripts and test scores for the initial screening. If an offer of admission is made we will require you to submit official copies of all transcripts and required test scores. Admission offers are not binding and will not be finalized until official copies have been verified.

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