Application Package (3 Schools)

MBA Application Package (MAP) – 3 Schools & Resume

MAP is a standard 3 School MBA application service that helps applicants secure admission in one of the top 50 B Schools. It constitutes of 3 schools application/essay editing service and resume editing service. As a package it is cost effective vis a vis taking separate individual schools and other ancillary services like resume and interview.


Candidates applying to top global B-Schools and wishing for a sure-shot admission in the same year in their dream B-School.


Our MBA admission consultants provide complete application assistance to applicants for applying to 3 B-Schools.

Essentially, MAP is an integrated delivery of 3 b-school application essay editing and resume writing service. MAP integrates various stages and components of MBA application to give a turnkey experience to the applicant.

Following are the highlights of the MBA Application Package (MAP) offered by General Education.

  • Application Essays Editing for 3 b-schools
    • Brainstorming sessions to analyze the overall profile of the candidate and framing the essay strategy, evaluating the MBA application essay writings, conducting regular telephonic/Skype conversations with the candidate helping them prepare the over-all pitch that an applicant would need to convey before the admission committee of his/her targeted B-School
    • Evaluation of sample MBA essays. Our team of consultants also ensures that the applicant’s essays are thoroughly reviewed and refined to match the expected standards of the targeted B-School and that it stand out among the rest.
    • Discussion on any other relevant MBA application information
  • Resume Editing Service
    • Understanding your Profile in a comprehensive manner
    • Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses, your areas of interests, hobbies, awards and achievements etc.
    • A couple of good draft resumes would be provided to give a flavour of well formatted resumes
    • Edit the resume drafts (2-3 times) to develop an excellent resume)


INR 60,000 plus 18% GST applicable

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