MBA Full Application Evaluation

We help MBA applicants edit and review the MBA essays that have been written by them. Our MBA admission essay reviews are very helpful for applicants.

People applying to B-Schools.

At General Education, we offer students applying to B-Schools with MBA full application evaluation service. We analyze their approach to MBA application essay writing, evaluate their essays and suggest the best application solutions to them. This is how we do it:

  • We provide detailed feedback on B-School Essay (turnaround time for reviewing the application is one week)
  • Exchange essays and reviews over mail
  • Discuss the comments over chat or phone (three 30 minutes session, personal sessions possible if candidate is in Bangalore)

Service deliverables
MBA full application evaluation service covers the following four deliverables.

  • Brainstorming sessions to frame MBA application essay strategies.
  • Evaluation of the essay and a complete MBA essay editing service
  • Discussion about the MBA essay editing comments proving a full evaluation of the MBA admission essay write-ups
  • Discussion on any other relevant MBA application information

General Education’s MBA full application evaluation service does not cover resume writing or any other service not mentioned above.

Service engagement structure
The service engagement will follow the pattern as stated below. However, the service engagement may be modified to satisfy individual needs of the applicant taking into account the mutual convenience of the applicant and our consultant.

  • You deposit the required fees in General Education’s bank account as mentioned in the document.
  • Your General Education sales contact will introduce you to a General Education consultant (which might take 24 hours after you deposit the fees) who will guide you with the rest of the service engagement.
  • To start with the process, you are required to share with General Education’s one of the expert MBA admission consultants the following artifacts:
    • One page CV
    • A brief write-up about your career aspirations
    • Essay drafts if already prepared
  • Your consultant will schedule a one hour brainstorming session with you. The session will be held to enable you to frame MBA application essay strategies i.e. discussion on your professional and personal history, your post MBA career aspirations etc. We feel it’s essential to give you a head start and guide you about how you should approach writing the application essays. If you have already written a draft copy of essay answers, the consultant will review the draft to analyze and realign the application strategy, if required.
  • You need to prepare or make amendments to the first draft in the designated template word file and send it to the consultant.
  • The consultant will review the draft version and send it to you within the next 7 days (weekdays and weekends included).
  • Another one hour discussion (if it is required) may be scheduled while you are incorporating the improvements suggested by the consultant. This is to help you if you want to understand a perspective of what, why or how the improvement will be incorporated.
  • You need to include the MBA essay editing comments and send the second draft to the reviewer.
  • Reviewer will again send his final suggestions within 7 days time.
  • You need provide feedback on your engagement with the consultant.
  • You need to incorporate the improvements/suggestions to develop the final version of the essays.
  • Service engagement closure.


Depends upon the B-School where you are applying as well as the essays. Discounts are available if you choose to get more than one application in one lot.

Note on Fees

  • The service is non-refundable but adjustable in future in lieu for any other service.
  • According to the consumption assumptions given at the end of each service the amount would be adjusted if required.
  • Services bought in March are non-adjustable due to year end’s accounting complexities
  • Services bought in one financial year will not be adjusted in next financial year
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