Michigan State University Broad College of Business

Michigan State University Broad College of Business
Average GMAT Score670GMAT Range597-733
Total Applicants

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Acceptance Rate

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Class Size69Average Work Experience48 Months
Applicant DeadlinesR1:05-Nov-2017
Decision DatesR1:15-Dec-2017
Length of Program21 MonthsPlacement Information

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Essay questions for class of 2017:

Essay A (required)

What are your (immediate) post-MBA professional goals? How do you feel your current resume aligns with these goals?

Limit your response to 500 words.

Essay B (required)

Video Essay- please click on the link below to access the video essay and instructions on how to complete the essay.


Essay C (Optional)

You should only answer this question if you feel your complete application for admission does not adequately represent you. What other information do you believe is necessary in the assessment of your candidacy to the Broad MBA?

Limit your response to 375 words.

Essay Questions for Class of 2014:

Essay-A (required):
Describe why you are interested in the Broad MBA degree and why you feel that you are a competitive candidate to the Broad MBA program? (700 words)
Essay-B (required):
A Broad College Full Time MBA can be described as hard working, collaborative and a problem solver.Choose onecharacteristic that best fits your personality and provide examples as to how that trait can enhance the academic culture/environment at Broad.(375 words)
Essay-C (required):
You are faced with a teammate who is repeatedly missing deadlines and is not responsive to the teams goals- as a team leader, what will you do to address this issue and maintain team morale? (375 words)
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