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NYU Stern is one of the top global business schools. Stern's MBA personal Interview are generally taken by the admissions committee of Stern. NYU Stern admissions interviews are sent by invitation only. About 30% of all applicants are invited for the interview. Stern interviews are not blind interviews. Admissions Committee goes through the applications of the candidate prior to conducting the MBA personal interview.

Stern's MBA interview process is quite unique. Almost all of the interviews are conducted by the trained admissions officers, who are experts in accessing MBA talent.

Stern interviews generally lasts for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Below are few NYU Stern interview experience of candidates applied through General Education. For MBA interview preparation you may refer the questions asked in below NYU Stern interview experience.

NYU Stern Interview Experience 1:

Hi, I am Neha. My NYU Stern MBA personal interview was taken by the Associate director of admissions. She was really a very nice lady and made me feel comfortable throughout the interview. Below are some of the NYU Stern interview questions asked to me during the interview. For your MBA interview preparation the below NYU Stern interview experience will help you a lot.

1.Walk me through your resume.

2.Tell me the decisions you have made in your career that have led you to where you are today.

3.How did you decide which B School to apply and why you have chosen NYU Stern?

4.If you are selected by several top schools how will you make your final decision?

5.Picture yourself in 20 years, as alumni of our school. If you were at a reunion function and we were to introduce you, what would you want to be noted for?(What personal or professional or community achievement?)

6.How will Stern help you in making a career switch and reaching towards your goal?

7.Do you have any question for me?

NYU Stern Interview Experience 2:

Hey, my name is Nishant. Below are the set of questions asked me during my NYU Stern MBA personal interview:

1.Tell me about your job progression.

2.What resources would you use to make your professional transition?

3.Given your experience/background/personality, what do you think you can contribute to?

4.Describe a time when you failed either a project or personal goal, etc.

5.What programs and activities attract you at NYU? And what clubs would you like to participate?

6.Any question for me?

NYU Stern Interview Tips:

1.Make your answer short and informative

2.Be able to discuss 3 clubs or organizations of interest that you would like to join at Stern.

3.Be able to convey your career goals succinctly. Know your back-up career plan.

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