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If you are a b-school aspirant who is seriously investigating the possibility to pursue an MBA from a top B-school, then at some stage you must have delved over questions like "Is MBA necessary for me?" , "What is the right time to apply?", "What are right schools to apply to?", "Is my GMAT score good enough?"

Two friends back in 2003-2004 were struggling with same questions in a cozy apartment in Bangalore and this tussle to find answers led to the creation of General Education organization and subsequently its commission as a plaque in the "ISB Hall of Fame for Entrepreneurs" at Indian School of Business (ISB), India. When the two friends went online to seek answers they found huge amount of information that only added to the confusion and Mind Pollution; as they called it! They then reached out to seek professional help for Application assistance and MBA interview preparation in the Indian market but unfortunately couldn't find anything.
Tired, they decided to help each other. First thing they realized the importance of improving on their GMAT score that was hovering around the 650 mark. They took time and energy to write the GMAT again and scored a 700+. Thereafter they short-listed 5 schools each and went through the tedious process of writing application essays, getting recommendation letters, typing one-page resume, presentations in certain cases and helped each other review content. They fought with their work schedules and application dead lines but somehow applied to their target schools. Result: They got admits from some schools like Michigan Ross, Cornell, Ivey, ISB, HEC Paris and Melbourne Business school but also got rejected from some.
With curiosity in mind about what clicks and what not in a b-school application they went to their respective schools that were HEC Paris and ISB. During their stay at the schools they worked closely with the admissions committee to get some answers to their curious questions.
They got back from their schools and found the situation had not changed much still no quality professional b-school admission assistance in India. In 2007, they decided to assist global b-school aspirants in fulfilling their MBA dream by assisting them to decide from the top MBA programs and formed "General Education".
That's how the journey started and on their way the two founding partners added other like-minded friends from other top schools including Harvard, INSEAD, ISB, AGSM, UT Austin and continued to learn and grow. The team feels proud to have helped more than 400 students (till 2009) in different parts of the application process and MBA interview preparation.
With this strong foothold, continued commitment and enthusiasm, General Education is looking to grow very aggressively and has a vision of becoming Asia's best higher education counseling firm and helping students to get admits for top MBA programs across the globe.

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