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Rotterdam MBA personal interview are taken by the adcom and the alumni of Rotterdam School of Management. Rotterdam interviews are very stress free interviews and the atmosphere during the interview, the interviewers are very relaxed and friendlier.
RSM Rotterdam Interview Experience 1:
Last week, I had an MBA personal interview with an adcom of Rotterdam School of Management. The RSM Rotterdam interview was held over Skype and it lasted for about 30 minutes. The interviewer was very polite and made me very comfortable for the interview. RSM Rotterdam interview questions were a little different from my earlier b school MBA personal interview questions in respect of some very new questions. Here they go (not in the exact order they were asked):
You have mentioned your career goal in your essays. Could you explain in detail about it? What exactly is your plan, which is your targeted companies, etc.?Tell me something you did challenging in your work life.
  1. If I say, that you are taking this interview for RSM, then what is that one key thing you would be looking in the applicant? What are your interests and activities outside of work?
  2. The adcom said that she is going to ask a difficult question and asked me to take time to answer this. What do you think is the weakest part of your application? I guess this is not similar to a generic weakness question but weakness from the application perspective.
  3. What is that one thing you are very passionate about at this point in your life?
  4. What are the things that really daunt you when you think of coming to RSM?
  5. Do you have any question for us?
RSM Rotterdam Interview Experience 2:
Hi I am Shreya. I applied through General Education last year and got admit in Rotterdam Business School. The General Ed team was really very supportive throughout my application. My RSM Rotterdam interview was taken by an alumnus. Below are some of the questions that I remember from my Rotterdam mba personal interview:
  1. I have read your essays. I want to know why you chose this year to apply for MBA? Do you think it is a perfect time for MBA for you?
  2. I see that you have served in one of the companies for just 4 months? Why you left it so early? Do you think you could have waited for some more time there?
  3. Tell me something about the NGO you are associated with and your responsibilities there?
  4. How your friends describe you in 3 words?
  5. What kind of leadership skills you want to improve upon in RSM?
  6. In one of your essays, you have mentioned about a very harrowing event of your life? What is the biggest learning you took from it? Could that event happen again in your life?
  7. Why you chose this career in Information Technology? What drives you about your job?
  8. Do you think you are a leader? Why you think that? What kind of leader are you?
  9. Any question for me?

So, my Rotterdam interview experience was pretty good.

RSM Rotterdam Interview Tips:
Use short sentences while answering
Be confident while answering

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