SMU Cox MBA program for college seniors

Admission Requirements

The Accelerated MBA program is designed for students who meet our typical profile for admitted students, with the exception of work experience. Students admitted through the Accelerated MBA program have the option of enrolling in our Full-Time MBA program between 2 and 5 years after they graduate (for 2015 college graduates, between fall 2017 and fall 2020). Applicants are required to complete the regular admission process. Undergraduate transcripts must reflect grades for all semesters completed prior to their final semester to provide the Admissions Committee with as complete a look as possible into academic achievements. If admitted, you will be required to submit a final official transcript for degree verification and final calculation of your cumulative undergraduate GPA. You are encouraged to emphasize internships, community service, and leadership activities in your application.

Accelerated MBA Admission for College Seniors
As an admitted candidate, you will begin your professional career with the opportunity to enter the Cox MBA program after you have gained a minimum of twenty-four months of post-undergraduate work experience.

When to Apply and Deadlines
Applicants should apply during the last semester of their senior year. The application deadline for accelerated admission is June 1.

Cox MBA Direct for College Seniors
The Cox School of Business is offering a unique opportunity for college seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and professional part-time work experience through internships, co-op, or other experiences. Cox MBA Direct will offer admission with the opportunity to enter the Cox MBA program in the fall immediately after graduation.

Application Deadlines

Round 1

October 17, 2016

Round 2

December 05, 2016

Round 3

January 09, 2017

Round 4

March 6, 2017 (all applicants) -- final deadline for international applicants

Round 5

May 1, 2017 (domestic applicants)

Class of 2018
Total Class Size115
Avg GMAT662
GMAT Range (Middle 80%)

590 - 730

Avg GRE313
GRE Range (Middle 80%)306-323
Avg GPA3.31
GPA Range (Middle 80%)2.9 - 3.7
Avg Yrs of Work Experience4
Yrs of Work Experience Range (Middle 80%)2 - 7
Avg Age27
% International (Non-U.S. citizen)12%
% Women35%
% Minorities20%

Application Requirements
Resume - upload a current professional resume that provides an overview of your career history as well as your educational and professional interests. Any format is accepted as long as it communicates this information clearly.

All applicants must answer questions 1 to 3

Essays 1 - How did you come to the decision to pursue a graduate business degree? Are there specific skills you wish to develop or enhance? What are your post-graduate career goals? How will a graduate degree from the Cox School of Business help you in your professional development? (2 pages maximum; double spaced; minimum 10 point font)

Essays 2 - Please describe a challenge faced in the workplace and the steps you took to resolve it. Would you make the same decision again? If not, what would you do differently? (2 pages maximum; double spaced; minimum 10 point font)

Essays 3 - The Cox School of Business seeks students who desire to become leaders with purpose those who will positively influence the global business community, whether in a small way or on a large scale. What have you done thus far in your career to make a difference? (2 pages maximum; double spaced; 10 point font minimum)

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