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1. Last Wednesday, I had my GSB MBA personal interview with the Adcom. It lasted for about 50 minutes. Few questions asked during my interview were:

* Kindly share your resume with us.

* Why you want to do MBA from Stanford

* Share some experiences about your current job.

* You've seem quite satisfied with your current job. So, why now you want to do an MBA?

* Kindly share your experience where you led a team.

* Describe a situation where you led a team and failed. How did you react to the situation? What did you learn from this?

* Few more questions were asked related to my life stories

2. I had a very informal interview which lasted for 45 minutes. It was with the GSB alumnus. I poured all my thoughts in the interview. I want to be an entrepreneur after my MBA from Stanford. So, my MBA personal interview went about my entrepreneurship.

* Why do you want to start your own company?

* Why Stanford GSB?

* How the Stanford GSB MBA will help you to start a company?

* How did anyone recognize your efforts while leading a team and convincing them to accept your thoughts?

* We had a good conversation on global economic issues.

3. My interview lasted for 40 minutes with the alumni off-campus. Some very commonly asked questions were:

* Why Stanford?

* What did you like about your undergrad?

* Why MBA now?

* Let's discuss on your professional experiences.

* How did you react when you encountered a problematic person at your work place? What were the consequences?

* How did you created value in your organization?

* Share your experiences where you led a team.

* What are your career goals

* Do you think any critical information I could have asked you?

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