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Interview experience 1 -

I had a telephonic interview with an AdCom member. He was very friendly and described the process and told me that a phone interview is equal to an in-person interview. There were very less follow-up questions. The interview lasted for around 30minutes. It was a great experience for me as it was my first MBA personal interview.

The questions were -

Walk me through your resume

Why are you interested in doing MBA?

Why are you planning to do MBA now?

Why you choose Wharton?

Describe about your team leading experience

How do you manage someone more senior to you?

How do you manage someone with less experience than you?

Describe a time when you had to convince people of an idea they initially opposed

Do you have any question for me?

It was a wonderful experience as it was my first b-school interview, I was very excited about getting interview call and finally hoping to clear this and get started soon!

Interview experience 2 -


My interview was conducted during February,

Interviewer took me to the conference room. He was very friendly and relaxed. Then he started the conversation by introducing himself and also explained the interview format. Asked if I had any questions, and then we started. The questions are listed below.

1.How do you convince your team for doing something different and they didn't necessarily agree?

2.Tell me about a time when you've had to be convinced someone to your opinion?

3.Tell me about your leadership style?

4.Why MBA now?

5.Why Wharton?

6.Any hesitations about going back to school after your work?

7.What will you do outside the classroom? Groups that you will be associated with, etc.

8.Any questions for me?

I asked few questions about financial aid and got very much convincing answers from my interviewer and overall my Wharton Interview experience was wonderful.

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