Why General Education?

Our MBA essay consultants provide feedback on MBA essays and we are one of the best MBA essay writing and editing consultants in India. On requests we can provide sample MBA application essay if necessary.

We also offer counseling services for students applying for MBA. Essay on why MBA, why this school, what after MBA, short term goals and plans, long term goals and plans after MBA. These essays will include essays stressing on personal background, work experience, extracurricular activities, greatest achievement at work etc.

Our MBA essay consultants provide best set of answers to questions asked in MBA interviews and also help in writing or editing resume for MBA application.

Why MBA Application Essay Matter So Much
  1. How well you can write them in a short space and still stand out.
  2. The skill in writing, the skill in organizing your thoughts and content all show people's intelligence and the extent to which they have considered where they are headed and why
  3. The writer's personality, motivation, skill & intelligence come across in each essay he writes, no matter what the topic.

What top Business Schools are looking for?

  1. Intellectual Ability.
  2. Managerial and Leadership potential.
  3. Personal Characteristics.
  4. Career Plan.

Nutshell To be successful, your MBA application essay must not only address your motivation and qualifications, but also map your career ambitions to the mission of the school, while at the same time painting a vivid picture of your leadership ability and character -- one that compels a busy admissions officer to accept you.

For Example, Stanford Says: We read the essays to get to know you as a person and to learn about the ideas and interests that motivate you. Because we want to discover who you actually are, resist the urge to "package" yourself in order to come across in a way you think Stanford wants. Such attempts simply blur our understanding of who you are and what you can accomplish.

How can we help in your MBA Admission ?

We can offer the the folllowing services for in your MBA Admission Process:

  1. MBA Counseling.
  2. MBA One Essay Evaluation.
  3. MBA Full Application Evaluation.
  4. MBA Interview Prep.
  5. Resume Writing.
  6. MBA Ding Analysis
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