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Yale University - Yale School of Management
Average GMAT Score730GMAT Range690-760
Total Applicants

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Acceptance Rate

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Class Size334Average Work Experience68 Months
Applicant DeadlinesR1:13-Sep-2017
Decision DatesR1:06-Dec-2017
Length of Program21 MonthsPlacement Information

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Yale School of Management was founded more than 30 years ago in New Haven, CT, USA and the school is known for its innovative approach towards management education. Yale prepares the future leaders for business world as well as society as both the world co-exists and the impact on one affects the other. Their new integrated curriculum for MBA emphasizes on bringing each individual's perspective towards each problems, it helps in developing the individual leadership skills, their set of belief and values.

The core curriculum has courses like Organizational Perspectives which are multi disciplinary and team taught course where students collect the data, tools and skills to strategize and develop innovative solutions for various issues. The students are also taught the business fundamentals using cases which are real world challenges faced by corporate and SMEs worldwide. The students get to enhance their leadership skills through Integrated Leadership Perspective course and International Experience trips.

The school allows the student to have as many electives. It also offers 10 dual degree programs. Yale has exchange programs with 4 Global B-Schools. The Yale school has rich diverse community of students having different work experiences, beliefs and backgrounds. Yale is an Ivey school. The small class size and low student-faculty ratio encourages each applicant to become a member of Yale's collaborative family

In class size of 226, 28% are international applicants. The school has strong alumni strength and it gives a scope to the newly joined candidate for interacting with 50+ student clubs. For being a part of this strong network the applicant should fulfill the requirements of application procedure with the submission of 2 Letters of Recommendations and Four Mandatory / One Optional Essays. To be part of this unique learning experience, showcase your diverse background with your professional and academic excellence, your interpersonal skills and leadership qualities thorough your application essays and interview. To secure an admit among tough competitors, you need the able guidance of an experienced professional who will help you in bringing out your best.

General Education is a group of thorough experienced professionals compounded with profound professional capabilities of guiding applicants to write impressive and successful B-School applications. So we would believe that we help you in your journey towards your dream B-School. We look forward to working with you to help you realize your professional aspirations

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We have always advised candidates to write about their career progression, short term and long term goals, Why MBA, Why Now and Why School in the standard goal essay. Yale has made is even more specific by giving dedicated word limit and asking these questions explicitly. Hmm... That might take some competitive advantage away from our followers bit don't worry. We have more to offer tailor made for Yale!!

We have also advised candidates and our clients in past to use innovative structures for the standard goal essay because by nature it's a pretty bland essay. Again that liberty is not available here since you have 150 words to answer a specific question. So, we recommend that you go on to answer these questions in the order asked with compelling arguments are suggested below.

Yale Essay Questions 2015-16

Essay 1: The Yale School of Management educates individuals who will have deep and lasting impact on the organizations they lead. Describe how you have positively influenced an organization as an employee, a member, or an outside constituent.(500 Words maximum)

Yale Essay Questions 2013-14

Essay 1: What motivates your decision to pursue an MBA? (300 words maximum)

Essay 2: What motivates you to apply to the Yale School of Management for your MBA? What will you contribute to Yale and Yale SOM? (450 words maximum)

Optional Information( For Re-applicants)

If any aspect of your candidacy needs further explanation, please provide the additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider. You should use this section only if the information is not adequately captured elsewhere in your application. Re-applicants should use this space to indicate how your candidacy has changed since you last applied. (200 words maximum)

Yale Class of 2016 Updates:

1) Yale has eliminated the English language test requirement (IELTS/TOEFL/Pearson Test of English) for students who have graduated from non English speaking universities.

2) Yale is also incorporating the video questions into the application process.

Yale Essay Questions 2012-13

Short Answer

What prompted your decision to get an MBA? When did you realize that this was a step you wanted - or needed - to take? (150 words maximum)

Personal Statement 1

Describe a difficult professional decision you had to make. What were the consequences, and what, if anything, did you learn? Would you make the same decision again? (300 words maximum)

Personal Statement 2

The Yale School of Management provides a leadership education characterized by broad-minded and intellectually curious students with diverse backgrounds, a distinctive integrated curriculum, connections to one of the great research universities in the world, and the broad reach of an innovative and expanding global network of top business schools. What will you contribute to the Yale SOM community, and how will being part of it help you extend your professional vision? (300 words maximum)

Personal Statement 3

What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment? Why? (300 words maximum)

Required for re-applicants only

What steps have you taken to improve your candidacy since your last application? (300 words maximum)

Optional Information

If any aspect of your candidacy needs further explanation, please provide any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider. (200 words maximum)

Essay Questions 2011

Essay 1.What are your professional goals immediately after you receive your MBA? (150 words maximum)
Essay2.What are your long-term career aspirations? (150 words maximum)
Essay3.Why are you choosing to pursue an MBA and why now? (If you plan to use your MBA experience to make a significant change in the field or nature of your career, please tell us what you have done to prepare for this transition.) (150 words maximum)
Essay4.The intentions of our students to engage in a broad-minded business school community and to connect to an eminent and purposeful university greatly influence the Yale MBA experience. How do you plan to be involved in the Yale SOM and greater Yale communities? (150 words maximum)
PERSONAL STATEMENTS Choose two of the following topics and answer them in essay form. If you are a reapplicant, you must answer the reapplicant question as one of your personal statement essay responses.
1.At the Yale School of Management, we believe the world needs leaders who: - Understand organizations, teams, networks and the complex nature of leadership; Understand markets and competition in different contexts; and Understand the diversity of economies throughout the world and the relationships between business and society. What experiences have you had that demonstrate your strength in one or more of these areas? (500 words maximum)
2.What is the most difficult feedback you have received from another person or the most significant weakness you perceive in yourself? What steps have you taken to address it and how will business school contribute to this process? (500 words maximum)
3.Imagine yourself meeting your learning team members for the first time in Orientation. What is the most important thing your teammates should know about you? (500 words maximum)

Short Answers - Please answer each of the four questions below with a short paragraph of no more than 150 words. This is an opportunity to distill your core ideas, values, goals and motivations into a set of snapshots that help tell us who you are, where you are headed, and why. (150 words maximum per question)

Essay 1
Short Term Goals:

What are your professional goals immediately after you receive your MBA?:

Be as specific as possible in your goals immediate to B-school. Your short term goal has to be tangible and objective. Explore school's website or your contacts within Yale to find out exact positions achieved by graduates and stick to the something similar. This is where your maturity, research on the school and your ability to balance ambition with realism will be tested. Also, you might lead the reader from immediate goals to medium term 5-7 year goal at the end.

Essay 2
Long Term Goals: What are your long-term career aspirations?

Your long term goal should be a natural progression from your short / medium term goal. Please do avoid putting a blanket statement in your long term goal. If you came up with "I want to be CEO of XYZ Company" you definitely need to think deeper.

Essay 3
Why are you choosing to pursue an MBA and why now? (If you plan to use your MBA experience to make a significant change in the field or nature of your career, please tell us what you have done to prepare for this transition.)

Keep a check on the word limit. There is a lot of cover in this essay, especially if you are career changer.

Why MBA:If you have done good job in the above two section, you must have already created a void by now that only a MBA education can fill in. Bring out the specific things you need from MBA that will bring you closer to your goals. Discuss with Alumni / Current students and mention those specific courses.

Why Now:It is extremely important to bring a small & crisp argument about why you think now is the right time for you. Don't make the mistake to leave a gap for Adcom to think that you need another year or two before coming to Yale.

Career Change:If you are a career changer, you must have echoed those sentiments earlier in short term goals somewhere. That's ideal. If you didn't get that chance, here is your chance to convince the Adcom of your progress in your current profession and at the same time your passion for new career that keeps you awake till mid-night. Tell them of that extra course or extra mile you went in pursuit of your passion and win your way to Adcom's heart.

Essay 4
Why Yale:If you do well in past 3 but fail here, you will no longer matter for Yale Adcom. Every school wishes to see a genuine interest and passion about itself in the candidates. Therefore, it goes without saying, this aspect is extremely important and will speak volumes about your passion for Yale. An ideal strategy is to connect Yale's resources - Academic programs, Clubs, and Special programs to your specific needs. Attempt to write something unique and specific about Yale in every second sentence of your essay. To conclude, the picture you paint in these 4 short answers should be as simple as the following equations:

You at present + MBA from Yale = Short Term Goal

Short Term Goal + Experience + Yale's Alumni Support = Medium Term Goal

Medium Term + Experience + Yale's Alumni Support = Long Term Goals

You need to justify each of the elements in various questions and prove to the reader that first you know about these equations and second, these equations hold true for you. Gud Luck !!

Personal Statements- Choose two (2) of the following topics and answer them in essay form. Please indicate the topic numbers at the beginning of your essays. (500 words maximum per essay) In all personal statement questions, as a rule, do not waste words in describing minute details of the situation instead focus on answering whys of your actions, and how you felt.

  1. What achievement are you most proud of and why?The accomplishment you choose to mention here will go a long way in helping Adcom understand you. Do you pick up a professional story? Extracurricular? Community? The Adcom will know what you value based on your choice. The magnitude of the impact you orchestrate will demonstrate you whether you can stand shoulder to shoulder to your class. So, if someone led a team that earned his sinking company $1 million contract will certainly be held more valuable than another person who fixed couple of bugs at critical moment in the delivery of a project by reputed company. Having said that, don't be disheartened if you don't have tall claims and numbers to show. Don't forget, there is a "Why" also. You can dwell deep to reveal your core belief and values that lead you to hold a particular instance important. Such insights will help you establish deeper connections with the Adcom. Go, Get it!!
  2. What is the most difficult feedback you have received from another person or the most significant weakness you have perceived in yourself? What steps have you taken to address it and how will business school contribute to this process?This is a weakness question with a twist. You get to choose between a weaknesses based on feedback from others vs. introspection. Each choice can work to your advantage: Feedback from others can be used to emphasis how good interpersonally you are at getting along with your seniors (professional weakness) and your attitude to constructive criticism. Self introspection based weakness can showcase your maturity to evaluate yourself in a setting. So while each choice works well, choose consciously. As for the other parts of the essay, the learning part is very important. Once you have provided enough background to help reader clearly understand the weakness, dwell deep on the steps you took to overcome your weakness. A little bit description of your emotional situation during those days can also be helpful. Lastly, don't forget the third part - B-School. This requires additional research on your end about the school, specific courses / classes / culture / seminars of the school that will help you turn that weakness into one of your strength in next 3-4 years.
  3. Describe an accomplishment that exhibits your leadership style. The description should include evidence of your leadership skills, the actions you took, and the impact you had on your organization. A typical leadership essay. Choose your story very careful. Take a note of what sort of stories have you mentioned so far? Have you given your entire essay a professional touch - Perhaps it's time to consider that community leadership experience then!! Did you not get chance to speak about that project you lead so wonderful - Go for it!! We advise candidates to not stick only to professional stories here. In fact, sometime community leadership experiences can be more powerful since the volunteers were not under formal responsibility to listen to you. Once you know which story to write, make sure you follow a proper structure for this one. As in past, we suggest START framework here (Situation > Tasks > Actions > Results > Takeaway). Although the question doesn't ask your takeaways but make it sure to develop insights from the overall experience that showcase more elements of your personality.
  4. An effective leader for business and society is one who is able to hear, understand and communicate with people from all segments of society. In order to educate such leaders, Yale SOM is committed to promoting diversity and creating a community that cultivates a wealth of perspectives. In this spirit, describe an instance when, as part of a team, you played a role in bringing together individuals with different values or viewpoints to achieve a common goal.Fantastic question! My personal best by Yale! Let's understand the elements of question first - You were part of team, you played a pivotal role in aligning people, you helped them develop a coherent viewpoint and you achieved a common goal. All this, when you were not in a position of authority. This essay is fantastic combination of your team work and ability to handle diversity - a combination that gives a glimpse in your future leadership potential. Choose your story carefully - Professional / Personal / Community - Doesn't matter as long as you can showcase every element of the question discussed in previous paragraph through a coherent story. Mention clearly the relation among characters in the story, how different were they (Ethnic differences / Cultural differences etc.), how the perspectives were different (Personal biases / Educational background etc), and what exactly was the common goal. Go on to illustrate how exactly you achieved the consensus and what you learned out of the whole experience - A nugget of wisdom you hold close to your heart for future excellence. As for the structure, the true old friend START will work fantastically here as well.
  5. For Reapplicants (answer this topic plus one (1) of the other topics): What steps have you taken to improve your candidacy since your last application?Write in depth about all the steps you have taken to improve your application. A good way to start this could be to refer to the school's official response to your failed application. In case you don't have such feedback, you can start by your own analysis / help of that friend of yours at Yale. Then attack each of these points to address how you are better person today. Further, it would also help to provide an additional "Wow" to the Adcom by telling then any new significant developments that created a new theme for you or that just reinforced your past strengths.

Additional Information (Optional)

If any aspect of your candidacy needs further explanation, please provide any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider. (250 words maximum)

Yale has quite a lengthy application and hence, most of your success stories should be covered by now. You might want to utilize this space to cover up some glaring weakness in your application - Were you fired from work? Did you have 2 years of break in studies? Were you overridden for promotions several times? That should be your first priority but don't over think and explain something trivial. That will reflect poorly on your judgment. If you don't have any weaknesses (Violaaaa!!), then something truly outstanding that can provide a final punch to your application will be apt here. And yes, please don't try to consume all those 250 words unless absolutely essential. A well thought through point made in 132 words is much better than unnecessary 250 word rambling. Respect the Adcom's time. Wish you all the best !!

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